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    Valerie Moore

    Hi Jim,

    Photolemur keeps all the original information (including dpi) of the image. 

    Could you please send us the original images so we can investigate them on our side?

    Please, upload the photos here: and send the link to

    Thank you in advance. 

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  • Jim Mortlock

    Hi Valerie,


    Of course that makes perfect sense. I am used to to the higher resolution in camera raw because that is what I set it to not the native resolution of the sensor.

    No need to send in the image, my own methodology had me confused.

    Thanks for the quick response, no need to send you and image.



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  • Valerie Moore

    Hi Jim,

    I am glad you got it.

    Enjoy Photolemur and let us know if any questions arise! :)

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